I am a Professor in the English Department at Bronx Community College of The City University of New York, where I teach courses in 19th Century American literature, the short story, and writing.
I received my B. A. in English Literature from New York University, my M. A. in 19th Century American Literature at Queens College (CUNY) focusing on Herman Melville’s “Bartleby, the Scrivener” and my Ph.D. in 19th Century American Literature with a focus on Edgar A. Poe.
I am the author of How to Write about Edgar Allan Poe published by Chelsea House in 2007 and reissued in 2017. Among many other topics, I have published widely on Poe’s murder mysteries in peer-reviewed journals and at academic conferences.
For general audiences, I have made a number of presentations on the mysteries, including a TEDx talk, “Poe’s Darkest Secret: He Was Kidding,” at Bergen Community College, and talks at the Poe Room at New York University. I contribute frequently to my Goodreads blog and Macmillan blog criminalelement.com, where in addition to reviews and other commentary I post on Poe’s mysteries and sundry hoaxes.